join us for our next day retreat where we encourage you to.feel.
to.feel. the movement and stillness of your body and mind.
to.feel. the texture of clay between your hands and embracing creativity.
to.feel. the connection with other beautiful souls.



in julia’s mindful body class, you’ll have the chance to move your body with intention and awareness, nurturing a deeper connection between your mind, body, and heart.

explore the conscious art of playing with clay in our mindful pottery session, where you can let go of perfectionism and allow your creativity to flow freely without judgment. feel the texture of clay between your fingers as you craft something beautiful and unique.



our retreat is about more than just activities – it’s about connection. connect with other amazing and like-minded women as you share stories, laughter and delicious homemade snacks and drinks together.


take time to.feel your body in our restorative yoga and meditation session at the end of the day. allow yourself to surrender to deep relaxation and inner peace and try to do nothing but in this very moment.



join us for our next mindful gathering in vorarlberg. the aim is to.feel with your body, your hands, and your mind and to.deepen the connection with yourself and other incredible women.

30th march 2024

4.00 pm – 9.00 pm


alemannenstra├če 31a

6844 altach

earlybird: 99,-

(for bookings until the 08.03.24)


regular price: 119,-

(for bookings after the 08.03.24)

there will be

delicious homemade

snacks and drinks.

water bottle

small towel

yoga cloths

english and deutsch

only kind words

we can’t wait to.feel. with you